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The wonderful world of screen printing has many variables. You change one, you've changed many.  Here at Printed T-Shirts and More we have been screen printing since 2003. We started with a small press and now have 2 automatic presses.  We can print 7-8 color jobs depending on the color of the shirt.  


The most amazing part of a screen printed shirt is the art that is on the shirt. At PTM we have an in house an award winning artist.  With the combination of an amazing artist and a printing staff that cares about your project, we are able to print beautiful pieces of art on t-shirts.  


Screen Printing


PTM offers a full service embroidery shop. We take your design or logo, digitize the design, and then sew on high quality apparel. The digitizing fee is $35. Once digitized, the logo belongs to you, the customer. The price for the design stitched out depends on how many stitches are in the design. Generally, a typical logo costs between $6-$12. 


Embroidery turn around can range from 2-6 business days depending on the work load on the embroidery department. 


We have a double and a single head SWF embroidery machine. This allows us to stitch two different projects at the same time. From our smallest project of 1 garmet, 1 location of embroidery, to a large project of 350 garmets, 5 locations, we look forward to stitching your projects. 

Heat Press

Have you ever needed a name placed on the back of a team uniform? PTM has 3 flat presses and 2 cap presses. Typically, our turn-around time for a set of team uniforms is 2-3 business days. Pricing for each name is $4.


Each name is created using the computer, then we cut the names on a vinyl heat press material, then it's pressed onto the shirt using heat. The same goes for numbers on uniforms. We have a large selection of colors and size numbers, both single layered and double layered numbers. Numbers start at $5 each.


We are not just limited to team uniforms either! If we can cut it in vinyl, we can heat press it. Often times the challenge is transferring the design for cutting purposes. Not all designs can be cut. 

Signs & Banners

Over the years we have picked up creating signs, banners and even some car wrap work for our customers. We have found that our customers have other needs and we try to help them as much as possible. Call for pricing on this type services.

Promotional Products

Most people don't realize this, but we can help with promotional items as well. This might be bracelets, drink huggers, cups & mugs, pens, lunchboxes, totes, and much more. Ask if you don't see what you need posted on our website. We will do our best to help!

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